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When you get right down to it, HDLPE (High Density Linear Polyethylene) does not exist.  It is a convenient shorthand that some have used to refer to HDPE (High Density Polyethylene).  It is used to differentiate HDPE from XLPE (Crosslink Polyethylene).  XLPE is an older type of Polyethylene that is a different branch of the Polyethylene family.  The actual density of XLPE falls into what we refer to as high density so it causes some confusion.  Actual HDPE is closer to the 'linear' family of Polyethylene resins in many respects but no resin manufacturer actually puts out technical sheets defining any resin as HDLPE.  Exxon HD 8660 is one of the most widely used resins for making polyethylene plastic storage tanks.  Most of those companies who say their tanks are made from HDLPE actually use HD 8660.  If you ask for a technical sheet from the resin manufacturer about the resin they use, you usually end up with the technical sheet for Exxon HD8660 or a competitive equivalent.  It is a good resin and used to make many of the tanks we sell.  Make sure you ask to see the actual sheet from Exxon.

HDLPE is a convenient slang that lets you know that the tank is not made from Crosslink Polyethylene, but you should not allow a distributor or manufacturer to make you believe they are using something different (or better) than HDPE.  If you see specs for a project that refer to an HDLPE tank, you should question the influence on the project manager or engineering firm who produced those specifications by a distributor or tank manufacturer who happens to use the slang. 

If you are confused, follow the links below to some of the world' leading and largest producers of Polyethylene.  Search thier sites for HDLPE and see what does or does not show up.  If you do not find an HDLPE, ask yourself why someone would try to sell you something that really does not exist. 

  Exxon Chemical - Polyethylene products  (Here is Exxon's sheet for HD 8660.)
  Dow Chemical
  Nova Chemicals - Polyethylene products

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