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Vents for Sulfuric Acid Tanks

  Tank vents for a Sulfuric Acid tank must allow the tank to remain at atmospheric pressure internally. A tank that gets a vaccuum or a pressurized situation can be deformed or damaged.
... Sulfuric Acid tanks commonly use U-vents placed at the highest point of the tank dome.  The vent should be at least one inch larger than the largest intake or discharge pipe size. The vent should be screened to prevent the entry of birds.  The exterior vent opening should be turned away from the most common worker access to the tank.
Sulfuric Acid is hygroscopic which means that any moisture entering the tank will be absorbed in the top layer of the acid.  Over time, the top layer will become diluted, more corrosive and will give off heat as the water is absorbed.
If the Sulfuric Acid in the tank is not turned quickly, a vent dryer should be considered to keep moisture from entering the tank through the vent.  Desiccant dryers are the most common.
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