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About Bailiff Entperprises, Inc.

Bailiff Enterprises is a rotational molder of HDPE (HDLPE), XLPE, POLYPROPYLENE and PVDF.  The company is located in Willis, Texas.  Willis is about 50 miles north of downtown Houston.


Bailiff Enterprises manufactures industrial grade plastic tanks for chemical storage.  The company also distributes HDPE tanks from other manufacturers to extend the sizes available to customers.

We are known for our ability to customize tanks with the fittings and features that our customers need.  That often takes the form of adding welded flanges and couplings in the locations on the tanks to ease the plumbing requirements of installation.  We also add ladders, special manways, side manways and cleanouts, vents, level gauges and more.  Contact us with your special needs.

Bailiff Enterprises also fabricates items from plastic sheet material for our customers. 

Contact Dan Miller by Email or Phone (713-203-4650)
Made in America  Our Tanks are made in America.   We accept VISA for our Sulfuric Acid Tanks.We accept Master Card for our Sulfuric Acid Tanks.We accept American Express for our Sulfuric Acid Tanks.
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