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Welded Flanges for Sulfuric Acid Tanks

Welded Flange for Sulfuric Acid Tank Welded flanges are an excellent choice for Sulfuric Acid tanks.  Theroplastic welded flanges can be added on the tank wherever you need them.  Welded flanges are made from the same material as the tank and are an extension of the tank.  You have a fittting that does not rely on bolts or gaskets or seals.
Welded flanges come in sizes ranging from 1/2" to 30" in diameter.  Large welded flanges are often used as sidewall manways.  We have welded flanges available from Polyethylene, Polypropylene and PVDF that can be added to tanks made from those types of plastic resins.
We use 'loose ring' (Vanstone) rings on our welded flanges.  These are easier to match up to the rest of your plumbing.  Gussets are added to the flange fittings for added support.
Many welded flanges on tank dome.
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